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Frequently Asked Questions

I just moved into the area, how do I register my child for school?
You will need to contact the school that your child will be attending. You can find information regarding our district schools at www.sau53.org as well as telephone numbers.

I think my child may have a learning disability. What should I do?
CHILD SCREENING is a free screening of your child’s abilities speech, vision, hearing, motorand learning skills. The screening is administered by the professional staff of SAU #53 and their school districts. Eligibility:¬†Children living in any of our school districts may attend screenings at any school. A parent/guardian must accompany the child. Only children under 6 years of ageare eligible. Parents with concerns regarding children older then 6 years of age should contact the Special Education Coordinator of your school district. Please click here¬†for contact information.

I would like to volunteer in my child’s school. How do I do that?
Contact Division of State Police at 603-271-2538 and set up an appointment to have fingerprints scanned. Please take a picture ID with you to this appointment. There is no charge for this scanning. If your appointment is in Concord, go to the Department of Safety, 33 Hazen Drive, First Floor, Room 106A. See below for other locations. After your prints have been scanned, you will be given a signed Livescan Site form. Please bring it to the SAU office or to the school office.

  • Complete the Criminal History Record Release Form and have it notarized.
  • Prepare a check (payable to NH State Police-Criminal Records) in the amount of $21.25.

The school office will send your forms to the SAU office. The SAU office will mail in your forms and payment directly to NH State Police-Criminal Records.The results of your Criminal History check will come back to the Superintendent.

You are not able to volunteer for the school district until the results of your Criminal History check have been successfully received.

Additional Questions:
How long does it take? Approximately 20 minutes
Do I get reimbursed? Yes. A check will be mailed to you in approximately 3-4 weeks.
Do I need to bring anything with me to the Livescan appointment? Photo ID only.
Do I have to get my Livescan done in Concord? Livescans are also done at the following locations:

  • Manchester DMV Substation, 377 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH
  • Dover Point DMV Substation 50 Boston Harbor Road (off Route 4), Dover, NH
  • State Police Barracks Troop C, 15 Ash Brook Court, Keene, NH
  • State Police Barracks Troop E, 1864 Route 16, Tamworth, NH
  • State Police Barracks Troop F, 549 Route 302, Twin Mountain, NH

Where can I find the next scheduled School Board Meeting?
The most current listing of board meetings is located in the calendar on the SAU53 home page. If new meeting is scheduled or meetings are rescheduled, they will be listed there. A pre-compiled annual listing of board meetings can be found on the district page, the button titled “board meetings”.

Where can I find the Budget information for the Budget Hearing?
The budget information can be found by clicking on the budget menu item on the individual district board page.