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Allenstown School District is pleased to announce the selection of Mrs. Shannon Kruger as the new Principal of the Armand R. Dupont School serving Allenstown students in grades 5-8.

Mrs. Kruger is joining Allenstown with eight years of administrative experience. She spent six years as an Assistant Principal in a middle school and two years as Director of Academics and Assessment at the high school level. Prior to administration, Mrs. Kruger worked as a school counselor for twelve years and behavior specialist for three years. While her professional experiences span K-12, she finds middle level education to be fascinating and rewarding.  She goes on to describe it as, “the critical time developmentally, when students grow from children to adolescents and begin planning for their future. It is truly amazing to see the cognitive, social, and physical growth that occurs in all students during the middle years”.

Mrs. Kruger began her Principal contract in Allenstown on July 1, 2017.