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Substitute Teacher/Nurse Requirements

Thank you for your interest in being a substitute teacher or substitute nurse for SAU53.

  • Substitute teachers must possess a minimum of a high school diploma or GED.
  • Substitute nurses must hold a valid license.

To apply to become a substitute in any of our schools, please complete the forms below and deliver to the SAU office located at 267 Pembroke Street in Pembroke or submit them via email. Please be sure to use references that include work\experience you’ve had with children.

Note: You may also visit the SAU central office or any of our schools to obtain all of the necessary paperwork for substituting.

All applications must include two forms of identification which include:
• driver’s license
• social security card
• birth certificate
• passport

Once all required paperwork is received references will be checked. If approved a State Police record check will be conducted via a fingerprint check. (see About Us>FAQ) Once a clear check is received, you and the schools to which you’ve applied will be notified of your approved application. If they have a need for a substitute in that school, you will be called.

We cannot guarantee any specific number of days/hours of employ as a substitute teacher.

W-4 Form
I-9 Form