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Allenstown School District is seeking a part-time Title 1 Teacher for the 2019-20 school year.  A certified teacher is needed to instruct K-8 students in an intervention model.  The position has a data component that involves data team leadership.  The schedule and hours are flexible up to 29 hours per week. Salary is an hourly-rate amount.  This is a non-benefit position.

If interested please provide the following:  cover letter, resume, application (www.sau53.org), transcript, copy of certification and 3 letters of recommendation.  Application deadline is June 14, 2019.  Please send application material to:  Shannon Kruger, Principal, Armand R. Dupont School, 10 1/2 School Street, Allenstown, NH  03275 or email to skruger@sau53.org