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Strategic Technology Plan v18.1

Our goal is to provide the management, infrastructure and support which enables each district and school to achieve their educational and professional goals for all students and staff. We accomplish this by:

  • Utilizing technology in all classes to support 21st Century Literacy and document student and staff growth. More information on what 21st Century can be found on the 2016 National Education Tech Plan and Future Ready Learning Reimagining the Role of Technology in Schools.
  • Providing access to current technology including updated hardware, software and network services to all students and staff.
  • Maximize our technology resources, by centralizing and standardizing services to¬†eliminate database redundancy as much as is feasible.
  • This will allow pooling and sharing of resources with all schools.
  • Updating infrastructure including electrical, data and communications to meet current and future technology needs. Updating infrastructure to meet current code should¬†be included as part of the facilities budget within each school.


We Believe:

  • Education must prepare all students for rapid societal, cultural, and technological change. We must be open and able to respond in a timely fashion to the changing environments.
  • We must provide a technically-rich, interactive learning environment which can be adapted to individual student needs with a rigorous curriculum lead by qualified and trained technology educators..
  • Basic skills for all students must include the ability to access and manage information, solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively and work cooperatively.
  • To this end we must integrate technology into the curriculum at all grade levels and for all students and create developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that challenge and inspire.
  • The adults who surround students must model these skills to maximize growth.
  • Students must be encouraged to become independent learners so they can continue acquiring knowledge and learning skills throughout their lives.