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April 25, 2017

To: All Parents, Staff, Students and Community Members of SAU #53—Allenstown,
Chichester, Deerfield, Epsom and Pembroke
Re: The Appointment of David Ryan as SAU #53’s New Co-Superintendent of Schools

The SAU #53 School Board is pleased to announce the selection of its new Co-Superintendent of Schools for Allenstown, Chichester and Epsom, Mr. David Ryan. After an exhaustive search process resulting in final interviews of the two candidates on Thursday, April 20, 2017, the SAU #53 School Board voted to appoint Mr. David Ryan. The ratification of Mr. Ryan’s contract by the SAU #53 Executive School Board is scheduled for later this month.

Mr. Ryan has served for 17 years as a school administrator. While he is currently serving as Assistant Superintendent of the Manchester School District for Curriculum and Instruction, Mr. Ryan also has been a principal, assistant principal and a teacher. At the university level, Mr. Ryan has taught courses including School Organizational Leadership, School Law and Ethics and has supervised principal field interns.

Mr. Ryan has published in the areas of school-centered student communication, educational leadership and district leaders building a culture of innovation. He anticipates receiving his doctorate from Boston College in May 2018. He and his wife and 3 children reside in Hooksett.

Mr. Ryan will commence his responsibilities as Co-Superintendent of Schools in July. The position became available when Co-Superintendent Dr. Gail Paludi announced her retirement.

Jim Deely, Chair of the SAU #53 School Board stated: “On behalf of the SAU #53 School Board, I wish to thank the members of the Co-Superintendent Search Committee, chaired by Co-Superintendent Patty Sherman. Additionally, I thank the school staff, students and community members who took an active role in the vetting process throughout the search resulting in the appointment of Mr. David Ryan.”

Mr. Jim Deely, Chair
SAU #53 School Board