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Pembroke, NH – Pembroke Academy (PA) will mark its 200th year in the fall of 2018/spring of 2019 and is looking for people to assist with planning its Bicentennial Celebration.

A Pembroke Academy Bicentennial Committee has been established to help guide the festivities and is looking for new members.  “We are looking for committed community members and alumni from throughout the SAU towns who want to help shape the year-long commemoration of our school,” said PA Headmaster Paul Famulari.  The celebration includes a goal of raising funds for comprehensive renovations to the existing auditorium to create a true performing arts center.

Four subcommittees have been identified:  planning, fundraising, communication and celebration.  The committee is also looking or an overall chairperson.

At this time, the plan is for the committee to meet one time per month, with subcommittee meetings established as needed.  Discussions to date have included having the meetings held at different venues throughout the SAU #53 communities.  The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for Thursday, February 4th from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Pembroke Academy library.

“We have so much to celebrate and really would like a variety of people to participate in the planning to ensure its success,” said Famulari.

Anyone looking to become involved should contact Headmaster Famulari directly at 603-485-7881 or by email at pfamulari@sau53.org.