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March 20, 2019

***For Immediate Release

Allenstown School Board studying tuition option with Three Rivers School in Pembroke.

The Allenstown and Pembroke School Boards have approved a Joint Study Committee to explore the possibility of sending students from the Armand R. Dupont School in Allenstown to the Three Rivers School in Pembroke.

Last spring, the Allenstown Board hired the Harriman Group out of Portsmouth to begin a Feasibility Study and to submit a proposal for architectural and engineering services, as well as education program analysis, facilities and site analysis, enrollment patterns and projections Pre-K to 8, and to provide a series of options to reach the long-term objectives, including the cost estimates for future projects.

Kris Raymond, Chair of the Allenstown School Board states that, “the Board will be exploring all options for both schools over the coming months. We are committed to taking an intelligent look at all options. Three Rivers is the only ‘tuition’ agreement we are exploring, and we appreciate the Pembroke Board joining us in this study.”

The desired design of the Joint Study Committee to explore this tuition option is to be led by an Allenstown parent with participation from Pembroke and Allenstown citizens.  Citizens interested in being a part of this committee should send an email to Superintendent Peter Warburton, pwarburton@sau53.org, or Superintendent Patty Sherman, psherman@sau53.org.

Harriman Group will present other preliminary options at the Allenstown School Board in April, and present final options, pricing, and the final report at the Allenstown School Board meeting in May.